Portfolio Page - Looking for feedbacks

I’ve finished my portfolio project. You’ll find it here:

(or directly here)

I’d like to have some feedbacks.

Thank you!

Overall, I think that this is a fine first portfolio. The only major issue that I see is the lack of navigation. The ability to navigate to the sections of the page without having to manually scroll would greatly increase the user experience.

Personally, I think that making the portfolio items the same size would be more aesthetically pleasing, as would reworking the layout of the contact section.

Nice work.

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Thank you for your answer. There is sticky bar with buttons to navigate at the top left of the screen, but it’s probably not clear/visible enough, so that’s good to know.

I’ll crop/resize the items in the portfolio to make the whole thing look better (I was thinking about doing it, but wasn’t sure if that was necessary).

I’ll also rewok the contact section, it seems a bit messy and empty.

Thank you again for your help!

Hey! I’m enjoying the layout ideas you have. I actually quite like the different sizes of the portfolio pieces.

The navigation overlaps the top part of the page and I think adding some padding to the top of the page might look a bit better and more obvious that it is there. Like maybe adding it to the whole-page would do the trick.

The Contact Me section is a bit off-center in the larger screen resolutions. Specifically, the form is ‘hanging’ over the right edge of the section while the text fits within it. I’m not sure if that was a good explanation…

The form in the Contact Me section also overlaps the right side of the page content background once you shrink the to the xs (<768px) size.

The bottom horizontal line of the Contact Me section is not properly aligned at all sizes.

The form and text of the Contact Me section are floating left when the page is in the sm (768px - 960px) size. It would probably look better centered.

The copyright and about section are both aligned all the way to the right when centered would likely be better since it would be consistent with the rest of the page.

I hope I provided descriptions that are easy enough to follow! Let me know if you want any clarifications.

Great work!


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Thank you for your help, that’s really clear and helpful, I’ll work on that!