Portfolio page: Nav link check fails


I created my portfolio page project. The check script fails at the nav link requirement (in Chrome). I have two navlinks in the navbar which are working and cannot spot an error.


Thanks in advance, Chris

HI @chris15 !

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You will get more responses if you post your code.

You’ve set your <main> to overflow-y:scroll, only to make the header sticky/fixed. I’m not sure why that confuses the tests but if you remove the overflow, and set the header to fixed, the tests pass.

Thank you. So it seems that the test script has a problem with CSS grid.

It’s not related to CSS grid, it’s how the test detects the scroll position.

Without main { overflow-y: scroll; }, you have a normal scrollbar that starts at the top of the page:


With main { overflow-y: scroll; }, the scrollbar starts below the header:


Thank you for the insightful response.

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