Portfolio page navbar does not close on Android

Hi. I’ve set up the guts of my portfolio page (http://codepen.io/mike-workman/pen/YqqQZQ/) and it works fine on Windows machine, even when resizing the window down to the small sizes. But when testing on my Galaxy A5 with Chrome, I hit a problem with the navbar. I tap the hamburger and the navber dropdown opens as expected. But when I tap the hamburger to close the navbar, it doesn’t close. The page scrolls fine under the navbar. I just rely on the bootstrap defaults for the navbar.
What have I missed?

Hey Mike,

It’s been almost two weeks so I’m not sure you even still need help, but I couldn’t close your menu on any of my desktop browsers, so the behavior isn’t limited to Android or mobile. I corrected it by removing the script references starting on line 84 as CodePen takes care of getting Bootstrap and jQuery when you add them in the menu. Referencing either or both of them more than once can lead to complications like the one we’re seeing here.

Sorry it’s so late, but hope this helps.