Portfolio Page (need feedback)

I finished my portfolio page: https://mmorgan86.github.io/My-Portfolio/

I am a newbie. I have been coding since last month (Dec 2017).
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


nice portfolio :slight_smile:

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It’s nice. A little simple, but it’s a good start.

I might add that you need links to code and working examples of your projects. And preferably more of a description for each: what it does and what techs you used.

Also in your form submit section the boxes aren’t quite aligned. And I think the “Message” label should either be vertically centered or aligned to the top.

I might also consider a section where you talk about what you can do. If I came across this portfolio, I’d have no idea with which of hundreds languages/frameworks/libraries and supporting technologies you are comfortable. Not only will this make it clearer to an employer with what you can work but will act as hooks for SEO.

I looked at your profile on mobile and noticed that the input boxes and your email run off the container.

Otherwise, a good start.

thanks for the feedback. Question how do you vertically center?

Thanks for that input. I will try to work on that. The only thing is when I look on my phone and my wife phone everything looks right, but we do have 5" phone screens.

Yes, vertical centering is the holy grail of css. But it’s a lot easier now with flexbox. If you haven’t figured it out by tonight when I get back, I’ll give it a go.

thanks using flexbox made it super simple. I haven’t learned too much flexbox yet. But your suggestion and google helped a lot.

The Nav Bar section is good.

The About section is very lack luster and the margin’s are not even on each side. The left side has considerably more white space then the right side.

The Portfolio section looks decent. Your tribute page to Emmitt Smith is well done.

The whitespace between the Portfolio section and the Contact Section where the quote is needs to be even top & bottom.

The Contact section is decent but again the whitespace isn’t even on left & right sides.

I would recommend all links be target="_blank".

Overall well done.

Yeah, unfortunately FCC doesn’t have much of it yet, but the Beta will.

Flexbox and CSS Grid are two really cool new additions to CSS, giving you some of the power of Bootstrap and even doing somethings better.

On another thread it was commented that using vanilla JS and CSS would be more impressive to an employer than using jQuery and Bootstrap. There might be some truth to that - there are a million coders that know the “shortcuts” of JQ and B but can’t do the same thing with old fashioned vanilla CSS and JS. I’m not saying to redo your page now, but it might be something to think about in the future. But in the mean time I would definitely look into flexbox and maybe some CSS grid.

In general, only spambots are going to visit the page to get your email address. It’s a good idea to completely remove spammable contact info from the markup of the page. LinkedIn, Github, and fCC profiles should work just fine, especially when you’re starting out.

I remember hearing at some point that jQuery was invented because different browsers implemented vanilla JS APIs slightly differently. It was nice to get one standard framework to use as a shim in all the places that code needed to run, especially when people still supported IE6, IE7, and IE8.

My followup googlefu:
“jQuery was conceived specifically to address the differences in browsers” (Methvin, 2012)

Yes, that’s true. I’m not dissing jQuery. It accomplished some very important things. But JS has caught up a great dea and browsers have become compatiblel. And while jQuery is still very popular and sometimes useful, some people revile it and there is a certain cachet to being able to do things like http and DOM work in vanilla JS. I’m not saying you must do it, but it might impress an employer.

yeah I finally got access to the beta. I had to use firefox browser for some reason. It would never work when i tried with google chrome.