Portfolio page - need some reviews - work in progress

All thoughts are welcome, although i have lots of things to be finished

Hi … looks nice and like the colors … you havent much done yet so now would be a good time to stop and think about some important things before it becomes very difficult to sort out.
Main one being what are your thoughts on how to make it a responsive page … are you going to use bootstrap or flexbox and media queries.
if you decide now you will have to adjust your code and shouldnt be that difficult … but if you continue the more you add the harder its going to be.
Think about your nav bar … what do you want it too look like on a mobile how are you going to achieve that …
The text in your main section looks good but needs to be resized as your screen gets smaller as it pushes your … find out more button down the page into the next section.

anyway thats my thoughts hope it helps

Thank you fro your response. I was thinking that is best for me to do complete site without responsivnes and after i finish it do some work to be responsive, but now that you mention it i might be wrong. I would like not to use any framework, bcs i want to learn more about css, and all possibilities that css make for us. Thanks once again for your review

Almost done. Now i need some tweaking and to write some txts for about me section. But overall im pleased with it http://codepen.io/ZeljkoVeseljko/full/RGWGkv/