Portfolio page - please feedback

Please give feedback on my Portfolio page.
All criticism welcomed!

its good, you did a good job of coding it

@jasper2 I asume that styling it’s not so good or?

why would it not be good?

@jasper2 you writed “good job of coding it”, so I asume that the design part not so good :slight_smile:

no, that is not meant to sound sarcastic sorry if you thought it was, may i ask what you made it in cos u could of just put it in to codepen

I think this was well done, but it could be improved by including more designs that contain depth.

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@StudiousArgyle thank you for pointing out
for sure i’ll have to give a little more of makeup

did you make it in vlc (visual studio code)?

Noup, I’m using Notepad++

When you do, let me know and I’ll be sure to check it out when I see your notif.

two things:

  1. Adding box shadows makes it more sharp, i think that would make an nice improvement.
  2. I think nav menus look a little bit better at the top: position absolute, top 0, left 0.

The nav is absolutely at the top, maybe the blue 5px top border makes you think i’ts not.

I wouldn’t worry about trying to improve this project too much - I think it’s fine for now anyway. Once you build more skills/knowledge you’ll want to redo it and host it on a domain.

There’s always going to be something to improve but I think it’s better to focus on building more skills for now.

@StudiousArgyle makeup done :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it’s really good now. Well done!

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You have made amazing website but I have just one suggestion that is it should have to be responsive because I opened your project in mobile and the images are showing half the text taking full spaces. Just saying don’t get offend, try to improve it. Then it’ll be more amazing :heart_eyes::fire:.

@anon94663187 thank you, I will make few changes more :slight_smile:

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