Portfolio page - Please review/criticize my page

Hi after spending >8h on my portfolio page i think it is ready to show it to you guys. Please let me know what you think and please also review my code.

I find positioning the elements very difficult. Please let me know if you have some clear resources on this so i can understand this further.

Thank you!

For positioning look into flexbox and css grid. Plenty of tutorials on youtube.

Hey! It looks pretty good :slight_smile:

I noticed some potential errors though: the names of your nav-items all have # beside them, this might be a design choice though, so ignore it if it is. Also, in your email placeholder field address is missing an s.

If you’re feeling adventurous look up how to implement smooth scroll for those anchor tags.

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Thank you for the feedback, the #'s are indeed a design element and i fixed the typo.

It looks like the smooth scroll thing is done in JS so i will look at it when i’m further on that road.

@fajfara: thanks will have a look at it.