Portfolio page- please review

Hi everyone, i just finished my portfolio page (without any actual projects but still :smiley: ).
Can you please review it and tell me if you have any suggestions. I am a total newbie so don’t be too harsh :smiley:

Thanks guys :heart:

Why you use less opacity?

I wanted my website to look faded, that’s the only reason why :slight_smile:

The only issue I can see is the text in your about section is very hard to read for example the word “click” is almost totally hidden. I followed a tutorial for some stuff and he had a very similar section but used a box to help. I’ll link below. Fair play for getting it done I know how daunting it is at the start :slight_smile:

Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage Part 2 (16:24 in starts the box)

Hi, I think you did a fine job.
The site is responsive, that’s a good thing.

The only thing that wonders me is why you are mentioning your friend/partner on your portfolio site. IMHO seems out of context.

I stumbled upon the new semantic tags like main, header, section and article. These tags structure your site more logically so impaired people with screen readers can understand your presentation more easily, I suggest you study these tags and apply these to your portfolio page.

hahah, thanks for review :smiley: that is just random pic i stumbled upon on my computer because I wanted to have img element on website :slight_smile: when i finish my first project i will upload it instead :smiley:

Thanks for advice :slight_smile: