Portfolio page prject feedback


any feedback is much appreciated

Hi arjunghag99,
I love the changing background gradient! So cool. It reminds me of the Hulu screen.
The general feel of the landing page is great. I think I would make your paragraph not as wide as the screen width. It feels like a really wide space for the text to stretch across. I would also try to change the spacing of the paragraph2 div so that it is not visible when the page loads. This will probably help prevent the first paragraph from overlapping with this one when the screen isn’t as wide. I think you might even make it an h2 tag to give your HTML semantic meaning.

Overall I think this page is an awesome first draft. I think getting the responsive layout fine-tuned so all the aspects of the page match the wow factor the navbar and the background create will really make this amazing. I think you know what to do, but if you want suggestions let me know.
Good Luck!