Portfolio Page project done, I'd love your feedback :-)

Hi everyone!

So this one took me a while. Did a whole lot of Googling to make this one happen but I glad I went through it. I have learnt so much! and onward I shall thrive!

Please have a look at my work and kindly leave some feedback :grinning:

Thank you,

Portfolio page

Good day Owel,
May I kindly ask why my post has been unlisted?

Hi, it was a duplicate of the other portfolio feedback post you made. Same title, same link. Did you press Submit twice?

Perhaps the titles are too similar but I had a look at my created topics, I only have two… this one(personal portfolio web page) and my tribute page project. I don’t think I duplicated any topic

Okay, I’m listing it again. I swear it was the same portfolio link, the one with the purple background.

As you made your navigation as a sidebar nav, and you don’t have much content to show yet, i would hide the sections not active and show only the active one(you may use some animation on hide/show)

Pretty cool idea! Thank you for the suggestion

Firstly, I would set your background-attachment to fixed so that the gradient image fills the entire page. My only other suggestions are to do with your general spacing. Otherwise, I love the colors and the clean simplicity of this design.

I would consider narrowing the main content, and working in ways to elongate it. This would make your navigation links potentially usable since they aren’t at the moment, and it would decrease the large empty space between your projects. It’s just generally a best practice to draw a viewer’s eye down rather than across. Secondly, the line with of your intro paragraph is very wide and spacing between your text and images is very very small, I would definitely consider reformatting these to be more evenly distributed and decrease the line-width so that it formats more like a paragraph in a book. Lastly, the text below your projects might look a bit better in bold or slightly larger since they appear to be titles and not just regular paragraph text.

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