Portfolio page: projects section is further down

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to get the welcome section and the projects section close up the wide gap between them using margin and padding to no avail.
Please what else can I do?

Here’s the link to my code …

why don’t you try using your html code in a more semantic way i.e into header, main and footer,maybe it will help you with the desired gap you want.

Hello there,

I suggest you use the built-in Analyser to find some syntax errors in your code.

As for your question: You can see in the devTools that the 70% margin on your h1 is extremely excessive:

Hope this helps

Wow, this is hilarious because I code with my phone and I haven’t added the media querry for larger screen sizes.
But on a serious note, I have reduced the margin and its still not proper the way I want it. You can check it out again to see how the current margin top looks now…
Or could it be semantic like @abrax_abhie mentioned? Though I don’t think so

Also, when I click on the project navbarlink the section seems to start under the navbar instead of starting below it…
Somehow I feel they are all related problems but I can’t seem to figure it out!