Portfolio Page-Quick Feeback on the new design

I wanted just a quick feedback on my website new design before moving on and change the way the projects and all the other stuff are shown. The CSS style was harshly hard-coded, I know. So it is kind of normal if it feels a little bit buggy.

What it counts for now is that I’ve got an idea of how my portfolio page should look like at this moment in time.

Portfolio page-complete

Pen Homepage Portfolio
Pen Projects Portfolio

The idea is nice but in my opinion it is better to have more white space between the elements, it looks to crowded.

Wish you the best.


You mean the skills logos, right? Or everything?

Everything in the homepage.
At the skills you have some white space to use at the right, so you can expand it all to add the white space in between the elements (better in my opinion), or maybe downside to to make it align (kind off) with the left section.
About the left section - make some top padding (like 10px) between each element.