Portfolio Page - Responsive Web Design Complete!

Definitely a good Idea. I’ll implement the downward arrow so I can leave the navbar hidden upon landing.
Thanks for your comments! Appreciate it!

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Hello, hello, hello campers. Hope you guys are well.
I’ve updated my portfolio to include 3 new personal practice projects I’ve completed. I’m currently working on a final, 7th, multi-page “ultra project” before I move on to the FFC javascript course.

You can view the updated page here:
(new projects are marked in the projects section with a “New” tag)

You can view the seperate posts I’ve made for each of these new projects here:


Project 4
Project 5
Project 6

Previous changelog

Previous Changelog

First version
Update 1

Your thoughts would be much appreciated! I’ve spent quite some time making these three projects and feel like I have improved quite a bit

Other Remarks

As for the portfolio page itself, I have changed some things a bit.

  • The landing section (home section) now includes an arrow animation pointing down on load to indicate that users need to scroll. This was suggested by @shaunaky here.

There are still two more things on my list of improvements that I have not implemented. However, I’ll be sure to do so as soon as I finish this 7th, final, “ultra practice project”.



@Joseph1205 Thanks for including those changes, LOVE it!! :raised_hands:

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Bro how did you use images in your project?

Bro I’m really impressed by your portfolio as well as your other projects but what really got me dazzled is how you can do all this at 15.Great work ,I want to be like you when I grow up (I’m 18)

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I’m glad my portfolio is still inspiring people till now. I really like what I do and always strive to improve. Age doesn’t matter in my opinion. You can do whatever you want and as long as you like what you’re doing (as long as it doesn’t feel like an office job where you go through mounds of papers that dont actually mean anything), you’re on track.

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It’s awesome dude i love it the animations the design its looking so good.

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