Portfolio Page - Some questions and need some feedback

Hi all! Looking for some feedback on this page. I’m not necessarily done yet, but it’s got a lot of what I intended to put up.

Here’s the link: http://codepen.io/riaden414/full/VjePWN/

Most of what I have written is just to take up space – I am by no means ready for a client! But I wanted to see what folks thought. Also, as far as the contact buttons, I wanted to add more space between them. I wasn’t sure of the best way to do that inline and I don’t remember the challenges covering that previously. Other than hitting the space bar, which I don’t even think would work, how would you add padding to the icon buttons?

Thanks for your help!

Perhaps create an icon-padding class and set a padding value to that? Something like 10px should space them out nicely, and you can adjust that amount depending on how spaced out you want them.

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Hi @Riadan414,

Did you get these buttons situated just how you want them? From what I can tell, your contact buttons are still close together so I wanted to make sure you’ve got this solved. Here’s what I did to space them out a bit:

a:link {
  color: #2c0038;
  padding: 0 10px;

Your page looks good! I would push you to move those inline styles into your stylesheet, though. Even (especially) if it’s just a font change, you want as much of your style in one place as possible. When you work on much bigger projects, you won’t want to have to hunt through your HTML to find that one place you set a font!

Thank you, both! I don’t know why I was having such a brain fart about adding some padding to the link, but I made that change and it came out looking nice!

@PortableStick thank you for your advice re: CSS. I actually didn’t know what was standard if you are making a style change but for only one value (i.e., just changing the font size or color). I’ve seen some people do this inline but I completely agree with you. What a nightmare it would be to track something down. I change everything so that the inlines are gone and it works much better in my head too.

This project looks like crap on mobile for reasons I’m not sure about, but I’m moving on from it for now and will come back to it later. I appreciate the feedback!