Portfolio page turned professional digital marketer

tl;dr My portfolio page turned into a digital marketing website with the skills I learned online!

Hi everyone! I got my start on FCC a little more than a year ago. I learned a lot about HTML and CSS. Before this, I dabbled with CodeWars and completed some courses on JS on Code Academy.

I’ve been into programming in general since I was very young and have found it quite addicting to learn more and more about the field. Now, 21, I’ve launched my own portfolio website for the public and have learned so much along the way. It’s transitioning into my own digital marketing company and hopefully will lead me to a freelancing professional making money for myself while my wife and I travel the world.

It’s still in work but I really like the design that I’ve implemented on my site. I feel like it will catch a lot of employer’s eyes! They say 50% of employers look at a personal website as a strong indicator of professionalism but a very low percentage of applicants actually have a website.