Portfolio Page V1 - Please have a look- newbie coder - please and thank you

Thank you to all, please help me make the site better and not just trash me.
Thank you


You seem to have taken a WordPress theme and made it into a static site, correct?

For a developer portfolio, that maybe isn’t the most ideal option in my opinion. I also suspect you have a lot of unused CSS and maybe there are also scripts loading you don’t need.

Other than that I actually like the no-nonsense approach. In fact, I would consider ditching the particles.

  1. Give the typography a little more love. Fix the text capitalizing (remove text-transform: capitalize). Make sure paragraphs have margin to separate them. Increase the font size and add a nice font. You have both Open Sans and Lato in the CSS but you are not actually loading the fonts.

  2. If something is a link, make sure it looks like a link. If something isn’t a link, do not make it look like a link (i.e. avoid using underlining as that can be confusing).

  3. Speaking of links, the project links are too hidden. Either wrap more of the project in a link (all of it, or at least the image), or make sure the title looks like you can click it.

  4. Make the social icons larger.

  5. Center the elements as soon as the page stacks. Like they are at the lower breakpoints.

  6. The opening and closing of the mobile menu is a little janky. It would also be nice if the menu closed when clicking a link and when clicking away from the menu.

  7. Maybe try adding one color and use it as a highlight color.

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