Portfolio page - What do you think?

Hello guys,

I finished my portfolio page:

What do you think? Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Hey, looks great, I really like the animations when you hover over the buttons. The only suggestion I would make is that when you shrink the screen size and it switches to a hamburger button, when you click the hamburger button to reveal the navigation, it makes your name disappear because it is white on white. Great job though!

It is very good.

Look at your page in responsive mode.
The nav-bar will need a little work. It disappears every time you click on it to go to a page.


I made some changes according to your feedback: https://s.codepen.io/rob9233/debug/YQaPLz/PNAvYLyeEjDr#cover

Hi Rob,

I think your site has great potential. Overall, I like your design and style. Good design is difficult and you seem to have a decent grasp of it.

With that being said, do you mind me being a little critical of one aspect of your design? I think you have overdone it with your use of animations. Your site reminds me of a Powerpoint presentation that has titles and pictures flying all over the place for no other reason than “because I can.”

I like the menu animations (that is clever) and the way you highlight the thumbnails when hovered over. If you stopped with that, I think you would have a solid design foundation. However, the jiggling ‘Contact Me’ button and all the heading and paragraph shadows makes me think ‘amateur’ and I know that is not what you’re going for.

I hope you find this constructive. Please feel free to rip my Portfolio page (https://codepen.io/mkmanges/full/LLjvJL/). I just finished it this past week.


I agree with you, it looks better without the paragraph shadows effects, I removed it and I gave a more subtle effect to the button

My page now: https://s.codepen.io/rob9233/debug/YQaPLz/PNAvYLywRqEr

Your page is really great, I really like the design . I would only do a small change, in my opinion it would look better if there was less space between the navbar and the title text and a little less height in the picture. Great job though, congratulations.

Hey Rob,

I like the changes. I’ve been a professional photographer for about 5 years and one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is where to stop when it comes to processing my photos. I like to think that there is a line, so-to-speak, and if I cross that line, I’ve done too much. The trick is to go as close to the line as possible without crossing it. I’m now trying to take the same approach to web development.

I appreciate your feedback. Which picture do you think should have less height? The hero pic?

Yes, but only a little.

I know, I’m trying to improve my portfolio but also figure out when to define that line.