Portfolio Page - What Do You Think?

Hi All!

I just recently completed my Front End Web Developer portfolio page and am looking for feedback. Could you please let me know your thoughts? What looks good, what looks bad, what would you change, etc. I would super appreciate any feedback you can give me on it. I coded the webpage from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Portfolio Page

Thank You!



Great Job looks very decent and fine!

Congratulations to your first Portfolio website :slight_smile:

Hi Tim!

Well done! Looks nice.
I only found one think on the first glanze Under the education tab the MS certificate window is not large enough, at least I think.

I hope it helps!



@roland.rebek87 Thanks for your kind words and suggestion! I’ll increase the height of the MS certificate window so it looks a little better.

@sinan.oksuz34 Thank you!

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