Portfolio Page - Would love feedback!

I am a litle scared – but here goes: <a href="http://codepen.io/LisaK/pen/aZJKRQ">Portfolio Page

Thanks in advance!


Not bad…You could use a little spacing up top…the fb,twitter and blog buttons are not functional and I think you could place them better…perhaps as part of a navbar or at the bottom of the page…all in all not a bad start!

Hi there!

First, welcome! Your enthusiasm and drive for learning is quite apparent, so I think you’ll do really well with freeCodeCamp. A note on the forum - it doesn’t use HTML in the comments. It uses Markdown, which you can think of as HTML-light. Here’s a cheat sheet you can use to type it up, or use the command palette on the top of the editor:

As for your portfolio, it’s a great start! You’ll find that fCC is more about programming behavior than working on design, but you’ll also come across many tools, like SASS and Gulp, that will help you create great designs in less time. I have a couple of suggestions to improve your current portfolio:

  1. There are some typos, like ‘combinatin’. Very easy to miss!

  2. Those site examples at the bottom of your page seem like they should be links.

  3. Your site is text heavy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you could use some heading tags to break up the flow a little bit.

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Nice start! I can relate to your situation. I was really into programming when I was a teenager, and then drifted into other things as life proceeded. It’s amazing how quickly things change when you step away for awhile.

One thing that you can look into as you continue learning is the new approach to website layouts. Using tables for layout isn’t considered a best practice anymore. Responsive design has become the new standard. Bootstrap makes building responsive layouts really easy, and is a great resource to learn. I see that you’re including bootstrap in your project. You can find more information about how to leverage it for your layout here. Also, if you include the bootstrap css in your css settings in CodePen, you don’t need to include a <link> to the bootstrap css in your html as well. CodePen takes care of that for you.

Keep up the good work! :smile:

I’m afraid I’m not seeing the problem you had with the social icon buttons… they work for me? set to open : target _blank.

Is there something i’m not seeing?