Portfolio Page | Would love your feedback & help

Hey everybody, I just met all of the user stories for the portfolio page, I definitely learned a lot about bootstrap and element positioning in this project. Please feel free to give any feedback or criticism as I would love to continue to improve the page as I go throughout the course and learn more. I chose to add a sidebar rather than a navigation bar at the top, do you think this is acceptable for the scope of the assignment?

One more thing,

As I add more projects I would like to link the the individual projects in the sidebar (like the tribute page) but have all of them indented under “Past projects”, what would be the best way to indent

  • elements?
  • Hello there. Good job on getting it up and running! :slight_smile: I have only looked at it briefly and here are some comments I have (mostly subjective):

    • The background of the drawer (collapsible menu) is sitting on a layer behind the page’s main content—meaning that the main content of the page is sandwiched between the menu’s text and the background, which seems a bit odd. Is it a z-index thing? If so that should be a relatively easy “fix”. In addition, if you actually want visibility to the page’s content while the drawer is opened, you could consider simply apply transparency to the drawer’s background colour
    • The section for “Skills I have developed:” has too much empty space and feels jarring. One common way (which I personally feel indifferent towards) is to use icons/logos; alternatively, you could consider using a larger font and have them all on one or two lines, that simply spread across the page inside a full-width <div>
    • I would argue that “Connect with me:” before the social media icons is unnecessary as they are ubiquitous enough and that people know what they are. But I have a hunch that line may also have some sort of psychological effect on a potential employer/reviewer that may increase the chance of them contacting you (really not sure and have not looked into this)—in any case, take your pick and either remove it or center in a separate line (above the icons probably)
    • I think certain elements are relatively under-emphasised (and there for some are over-emphasised). For example, I think your name should stand out more (larger font size) because that’s the focus of the portfolio. I have no training in typography and can’t advise you further other than giving personal opinions, but I think using the heading elements h1, h2… etc. is a good place to start
    • Experiment with box-shadow, text outline and background colour with non-zero alpha values—I personally think that they help bringing focus to pages with background pictures sitting behind the main content of the page, and depth to the page as a whole
    • You can fix these later when you will have had more experience, unless you intend to use it soon for job-hunting!

    I hope that helps! Good luck. :slight_smile: