Portfolio Progress

Finally got going with this thing. I know it isn’t finished, but I’ll admit I’m s urprisingly pleased with how it’s coming along! If you have feedback regarding my code, efficiency, advice, suggestions, etc. Please feel free.

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I really like it - great font choice, some great images and simple, straightforward layout.

I especially like the contact form at the bottom, the fields look like they’re embedded in the clouds.

Now on to the criticism (sorry!):

  1. The links in your menu aren’t functional. I’d recommend you change the classes you’ve assigned to each section to ids <div class="about"> to <div id="about"> you can link to them like this <a href="#about">

  2. It seems a bit laggy when I scroll down the page. Maybe due to the large images loading? Could be worth checking the size of the images or considering only using one background image.

  3. The colour of the social icons means they disappear - I didn’t spot them at all first time around.

Great job though, really good start.

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Thanks Anna! I noticed it was really laggy and couldn’t figure out why, so that’s probably it. Also gotta get it suited for mobile, but when I put it in a container it ended looking crazy on the computer too. I’m gonna dive into it tomorrow for sure.

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