Portfolio Project - Appreciate your feedback!❤

Hi all!
After several days of frustrating creative block and failed ideas, I decided to settle for a much simpler portfolio than my imagination had planned.:sweat_smile:

Now the important thing is to move on, there is still a lot to learn and perfectionism can become a choking trap.

After learning JS I will surely return to this project to improve it. But I would like to receive your feedback about errors that you may see or suggestions for improvement.:keyboard::muscle:

Here is the link.

Thanks in advance!:heart:


As a backend programmer, I find your portfolio beautiful. Congratulation!

I have not learned the “Responsive Web Design” part yet, so I can’t give you any technical feedback at this time.


The simplicity is just amazing! I absolutely love the aesthetic and fonts and how everything just works together!

Just wondering, do you specialize in or study design? If so, how long?

The only errors I can see is the fields for the contact form: when you click the “caption” intersects with the border (moving it up a little should fix it)

Also, there are some elements without a transition property like the background of the links: about, project, contact. It would just make everything even smoother! :wink:

By the way, I just looked at all those projects on your codepen, and there were so good! :grin:


That looks really great. Love the design.

  1. I would try to get the text and image in the welcome-section to scale down more uniformly (i.e. scale down an equal amount) and at some point I’d stack the content.

  2. Give interactions some transitions, like the menu opening and the hover effects.

  3. Maybe give the form just a little more love. Look online for some inspiration. I know forms can really suck but even little things like giving the inputs 2px border radius and lowering the opacity on the border color can help make it feel lighter and less boxy. BTW, I really dig the floating labels, very nice. Add resize: vertical; to the textarea so the user can’t pull the field to the side.

Awesome work, keep it up!


@tunggnu, @shaux and @lasjorg: thank you very much for your feedback!:heart:

:white_check_mark: Fixed (at least in my tests)

:white_check_mark: Now all interactions have transitions

Good ideas :+1:
:white_check_mark: I have implemented them.

Great! I did not know the resize property.
:white_check_mark: Added!

Stack the text and the image is an option I tried, but I didn’t like it and that’s why I discarded it.

Because of the above, the text / image ratio necessarily had to be different in the mobile layout and desktop layout (therefore they cannot scale evenly).

About 10 years ago I had a sublimation printing business. That was the beginning of a long journey of self-taught design learning.

In the early years I was only looking for information about how to do specific tasks (remove the background of an image, change the color of an item, calibrate a monitor, etc.).

But in the last couple of years I set out to lay more solid theoretical foundations (more in-depth color theory, composition, use of white space, analysis of different artistic styles, etc.). That is why in the last couple of years I have progressed more than in the previous 8!:sweat_smile:


Hey @MartaFagundez!
It was your product page that got me to your CodePen, that got me here. I love your work :wink:. Every single page has a lot of inspiring details in it, a specific theme and very different from the others projects. Your portfolio page is the best I’ve seen by now on FCC. Full of little touches that make it really special. I really like the way you placed showcased a phone display, next to the desktop, the minimalism and the smoothness of the animations and transitions.
I’ll have to ask: The female-developer-smiling image and your logo are made by yourself in Illustrator, or is there an online website for cool things like that.

You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work :wink:! Keep on coding :stuck_out_tongue:
(oh, and Happy Holidays :wink: )


Hi @Wallachian!
Thank you very much for your kind words.:heart:
Regarding the logo and illustration of the girl, yes, I made them in illustrator, although for the illustration I was inspired by a gif that I found on the internet :star_struck:.

This is impressive!

I really like how you styled your page!

I would suggest that when the hamburger button is clicked on that the links fade in or slide down.
If you make the font-size of the links a little smaller and packed them a little bit closer together, that’d be great.

Keep up the awesome work!

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Thank you very much for your feedback @ConnerOw1115 !
I am currently focused on learning JS, but when I finish the basics I will surely make some improvements to this portfolio. :muscle: :wink:

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I admire your page! It’s great!
How long have you been programming? :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your feedback @n0vum ! :heart:

Although a couple of years ago I learned some things about HTML and CSS, only about six months ago I decided to become a web developer … and since then I have been studying (although it has not been full time). :keyboard: :muscle:

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I love it ! Thank you for sharing :smiley:

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I do learn by myself coding and programming. I recently moved into HTML and CSS. So maybe i have a bit of knowledge about front-end !!!

Also i am planing on building my own portfolio. So i checked your project with big eyes :rofl: :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: .

1- I really liked the designs and the animations also the combinations of colors were great :ok_hand: :+1: .
2- I checked if its responsive . I can tell you had a very nice mix of both small screen and big screen and the Hamburger navbar was also nice and lovely.

According to my knowledge i would say you did a really great job and should be proud of yourself.

My only suggestion is maybe it would be nicer if you add a picture of yourself and a short story about yourself as BIO in the about section.

Best wishes,

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Thank you for your detailed feedback @Dani-997! :heart: