Portfolio Project - Awaiting your feedbacks and suggestions :)

I completed my personal portfolio project. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestion for improving it.

My codepen link of project: http://codepen.io/parthmodi/full/pbNaxO/

My site link(so that you can view full page, without codepen header): http://8parth.github.io/

Also, I tried to put back to top sticky button type thing wokring, but it doesn’t. Any help would be appreciated too.
I am basically ruby on rails backend developer and I want to learn front-end technologies. I got interested in this due to freecodecamp.


Hi 8parth,

I think your site looks really good, and that it doesn’t need a button to go back to top until it gets much longer. Still, if you can remember what problems you were having?

I was not able to make the icon visible when user scrolls down more than 500px. Some deep recursion issue from jquery I used for that purpose.

This is impressive.

The main suggestions I have are:

  1. You could try to work on the design a little bit. For instance, some of the content seems a bit cramped. Messing around with margin and padding might alleviate this issue and make the content more pleasant to read for viewers.

  2. Your English is great! You could perhaps try having a native english speaker proofread your content so he can help you improve your english even more.

Overall, fantastic job Parth! :smile_cat:

I would consider your suggestions for improving design.
And thanks. :slight_smile:

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No problem! And btw, I really like that you included your blog in your portfolio. I think blogging is great for getting your ideas out and establishing reputation. Keep up the amazing work!