Portfolio Project: Comments and feedback please!

@nameoferic It looks like a nice simple Portfolio and it works good

Good work. I like the colour separation of content and social network links. Perhaps, at a later stage, with a bit more knowledge, you might want to replace the social media links with proprietary icons.

If you do decide to reside in your holiday destination, I’m sure you can continue your studies from there, but wherever you may reside, be happy.

thanks guys, i guess a few things i’d like to know are as follows: how do you change the background color and how do you change the font easier?

You change the background color with 'background-color' in CSS. For the fonts, you can change the font-family property of a container element and the children will inherit that font; or you can use CSS and select the elements you want to change (create a class, assign it to the elements you want to change, then in the css type: .class {font-family: yourfont;}; you can also select multiple elements if you separate them with commas: a, p, #elementId, .class { font-family: yourfont;}.