Portfolio Project: done! What should I improve?

Please give me comment on my project

I only use CSS and Bootstrap. I will make another project with Javascript again.
Thank you so much

Looks great! simple, neat and superb.

Responsive layout, very good!

Good line-height, very good.

good colour contrast between fg and bg! well done.

One small issue, and this is about a always living horizontal scroll on your page. yes this is small, but not good, please fix.

I realized there is one css rule row you applied -15px for left and right margin! this breaks the layout, please don’t.
And I think you applied that negative value to fill the top navigation with screen width, so instead of applying negative values, remove the applied padding.
Just check the navbar id (class col-sm), it has applied 15px padding for left and right, remove them out, and no need to apply negative margin, same it’s filled with screen width

Also when screen goes small (mobile), I think the top navigation (menu links) are a little large(too much height), I suggest you go for a common hamburger like menu later. but looks good for now.

Also try to use relative units over absolute units when possible.

Generally looks good, well done.

keep goin on great work, happy programming

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Thank you so much for giving me a very constructive feedback.

I honestly admit that I’m still confused on CSS padding things. I randomly put the number of margin and padding to match with what I think it looks good for me. you know what mean?

and yes I will go back to improve more on what you pointed out
Thank you.

This is okay dear,

The best practice for having a simple, clean and light CSS is not applying any rule until it’s needed.

For example applying padding for body could be the same margin for child elements.

I’m not saying you don’t use frameworks like bootstrap, etc… but I believe what you like to do could be done without any framework, and simply using pure CSS/HTML (and maybe some help of js) really easy, don’t take it hard.

I didn’t look at your code very deep, I just find the issues when UI/UX is not as expected, or finding any problem, then search for the code. So you may have more css conflicts and bad/mess setup, and you should not be worry.

For any section you think You did not make it very great, just ask here, and people are there always to help people.

Keep goin on great work. happy programming