Portfolio project error I can't figure out - #8

hi - been working on this last step for 3 days now. Can someone be my second set of eyes here? I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Here is my code pen
my code pen for the portfolio project

We need link to the task also in order to figure this out

it is there - title is ‘my code pen for the portfolio project’ - it is in blue font

I mean this:

The task itself. You are working on this one(the link I posted above)?

If so, tell please which tests are not passing.

Ok I guess I figured it out

Your #profile-link element should have a target attribute of _blank

This is the only problem, right?

So add target attribute to the a eleemnt with id profile-link

thank you so much @admit8490 - I had typed that multiple times and forgot that part :slight_smile: I appreciate your help.

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