Portfolio project - feedback appreciated

Feedback appreciated https://codepen.io/shigginsdev/full/xOZQqz/

Nicely done portfolio page. I like the header. I would suggest adding some padding to the text in the header and professional areas though as the words running right to the margins and across the entire width of the page makes it a bit harder to read.

I see what you mean. I’ll try to make that change. Thank you so much for the feedback.

It looks good.

Definitely think the text should not run so close to the edges.

The black navbar is quite deep vertically. Im not suer if its because I’m viewing the site through codepen but I’d prefer to see more of your ‘my story’ etc than more black navbar below the navbar links…just my preference :slight_smile:

I clicked your link for the Ruby on Rails project was not working. Maybe an issue with codepen and my laptop???

great work :slight_smile: