Portfolio Project - Feedback Appreciated!


I just completed my Portfolio: https://codepen.io/lehickling/full/qNdJLJ

There are definitely things I think need improving but I’m interested to see if my thoughts are echoed in others’ opinions… please let me know what you think!



Hey, looks really nice, I like the colors! A few points, though:

  • Maybe you can collapse the menu items on mobile.
  • There is some margin/padding that causes the page to be larger than 100% (The page has a vertical scrollbar).
  • The portfolio items are not the same height.

Thank you for taking a look!

I had points 2 and 3, so will try to find a solution before I move on. I hadn’t thought about collapsing the menu items, so will investigate.

I really really like the “Contact Me” and “Find Me…” things at the end. And also the fixed footer bar, it’s cool.
But why should i scroll down to reach all that, i think you could put a fixed navigational bar to make things easier.

On responsitivity i have test it by using Chrome like am using iphone 4, there is horizontal line which i didn’t like(i don’t know how it looks like on real iphone4). On other smartphone i’ve tested (iphone6, nexus 6, 4 and 10) it’s good. yap good work and big up!

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This is pretty much amazing :open_mouth: I love the color scheme. The responsiveness was good as far as I could see. I stretched the browser to make sure, and it was as responsive as any user could want. 10/10 :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking a look. I was working on the header to make it fixed and responsive and I think it’s much better now.

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Thank you! I used https://coolors.co/app/fffcf9-393e41-ffe8c2-e2c044-407899 it’s an awesome way of finding colours to match the colours I like :slight_smile:


That site is so cool!! :smiley: thanks! Now I don’t have to spend so much time deciding which colors to choose.

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I really like it! Nice color scheme, responsive and to the point.

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Love It! do add some javascript … :smiley:

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I like it. I tested it on a Note 2 phone. The only suggestion I have is to space out the icons at the bottom. They look a little crowded.

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Love the color scheme and design! The layout is clean and really easy to read.

Scroll is a little fast, try looking into jQuery’s .animate for a smoother scroll. If you also want each section to fill the screen, try {height: 100vh;} for each section in the css.

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I really like your web page, you have a good taste indeed =). The only thing I would change is the transformation in the color of the social icons. It feels a bit too slow.

Anyway is really great :thumbsup: and I love the footer. I hope you don’t mind that I borrow you the idea :grin:

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Nice, love the colors, the layout. Simple and clean.

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Nice! I like your project.

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Nicely done…makes me want to redo mine…Do Over!!

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