Portfolio Project Feedback, first time using bootstrap

Hey guys,

Just finished my portfolio pen http://codepen.io/ali-ahmad/pen/yMMmQE

Feedback would be great. I’m trying to center the green FCC button, any advice on that? Thank you!

Hi! You green FCC button is inside the div with id “about”. You can add the “text-center” class to this div. If you don’t want all the contents inside your div to be centered, then enclose the button inside a


and add the “text-center” class only to that


. Hope this helps.
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I don’t think your bootstrap row divs are actually doing anything. You’re closing it as soon as you’re opening it. Instead you should be putting contents inside it. You don’t necessarily need to define row/class either. Remember it’s only useful when putting things side by side. If you want things to just be on top of each other you don’t really need it. If anything the col classes are actively stopping the button from being centered with CSS.

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Following what jx2bandito wrote:

you should have your row div that include your column divs for each sections.
This is how you build the grid system.
For more information on that you can take a look at the html/css 101 at udacity, it really helped me understand.
Here is the link to the course:
One more tips:
To see where goes what you can add the following into your css :

 border: 1px solid red !important;

This way you see exactly what is aligned, where and how. Once you are finished with your main grid layout you can then remove it.

It helped me a lot once I figured that out.

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Thanks for the advice guys, it’s really helpful. :slight_smile:

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