Portfolio project feedback please?

Hi all, I’ve just finished my portfolio project. I would really appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks! http://jeremyboyd.ca

Hi, Thank you for sharing your portfolio, my feedback:
Add more info about your projects. It’s looks like clickable but I guess it’s not working - because when I click I just redirect to the main page.

Try to make info about yourself more compact

Add everything what you have used when work on your projects, maybe link to GitHub for all of them.

Thank you for your feedback! Good suggestion about linking the projects to Github. I’ll try to edit down the “About” section. Any feedback on the design? Anything I should add/remove?

Looks good! I would say to just add some padding in your about me section to give the text some breathing room. Same for the social links on the top left, perhaps add some margin to the top and left to give it more room.