Portfolio Project (Feedback)

Hi there! I just finished my portfolio and I received my certification but I have a lot of mistakes in my CSS code.
I was learning a lot while doing this project with another courses and at the end I realized my mistakes and now I want to fix it.

I don’t know why but I always have problems with the images and I can’t find good information about how I can make them responsive, I tried to use vh and vw but It didn’t work properly (I think) so I made a lot of media queries. I also need to fix the width with the large screens.

This is the “original” site https://aldhairescobar.netlify.app/.

And there’s a problem with the script(test), the script ask you to have an Id called “project-tile” instead of “project-title”.

Other than that, I am so happy with this bootcamp, I like the forum a lot and I will continue with the JavaScript section (:slight_smile:

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