Portfolio Project Finished & Ready for Review/Critique

This should get you there https://codepen.io/sonofadoc/full/JJxYQm/k - Check it out!

So the page has a nice design however all of the images on the page are broken - it’s something worth fixing.

Very sexy. Just two things, towards the end of the scroll it jerks a bit. The other is that I noticed is that the CSS circles used to outline the .PNGs are a bit off on my screen.

Love your official website btw

Thanks for taking the time to view my pen. Could you send me a screenshot so I know which images you are talking about? Also, it would be helpful to know which operating system, browser and version, and type of device you are viewing on (screen size would be helpful). As you can see in the screenshot I’ve included, all of the images are present and accounted for. The screenshot was taken on macOS Sierra 15" screen via Chrome browser latest version (59). Thanks.

Thanks so much for taking the time to view my work. I’m seeing my pen on a macOS Sierra 15" screen via Chrome browser latest version. I’m experiencing no jerking with the scroll and all of the vector images with the circles look right. What OS and browser are you viewing on? To know the device and screen size would be helpful also. Could you send me a screenshot with the above info?

Hi doc, I’m not sure a screenshot would be able to illustrate what I am experiencing. I’ll try to describe it as best as I can.

When I click on a link, the page scrolls to the section. The jitter occurs at the very end of the scroll, it scrolls smoothly and at the very last moment there’s this odd jump to the point where the scrolling action ends.

I’m viewing it on a Windows 10 14.2 x 8" screen in Firefox.

Hey binq, thanks for getting back to me.

No, the screenshot wouldn’t help with the scroll jump, but it would show me the circles being off. But after thinking about it I know what you mean about the circles. The circles aren’t off, the icons are a little different size. I need to fix it. I’d forgotten about that scroll jump. It happens in Firefox, not in Chrome, Opera, or Safari or IE. I need to fix it and I really appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

Have a great day!

I just checked again and the issue appears to be resolved.

OK. Thanks. Glad to hear it.

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Hi binq, fixed the scroll jump. Firefox didn’t like the script. I had to change the script, not sure exactly what part of the script it didn’t like. I think I can live with the circles thing. Maybe that’s wrong thinking. If I get another mention on it I’ll fix it. Thanks for your honest feedback - really helped.

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