Portfolio Project - grateful for feedback

Hello! I’ve created a basic Portfolio Project page just using CSS not Bootstrap (yet). I framed the portfolio around the front end developer project set and the subjects taught in the map. I would really appreciate any feedback! Thank you

Hi, maybe you could try to group each project elements in a div or section, that way you could play with margins instead of adding ‘br’, and its easier to read or to add projects.

Another thing, you add to each img element its width height, I prefer to add them all on the css part.

Just my opinion, keep in mind I have just started here in FCC :slight_smile:

Looks ok. I would work on the color pallet though :wink: Otherwise, like jecav said, group up the portfolio projects in divs so you can style them better without all the br tags. It really makes for sloppy code imo.

Keep it up! :+1:

@mmcknz This looks nice. :slight_smile: Here are some tools to help with colors:


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