Portfolio Project - Help with Bootstrap 4 Scrollspy

Hi all!

I’ve just about finished my portfolio project, but I’m stuck on an issue with Bootstrap’s Scrollspy.

For the most part, Scrollspy appears to be working fine, except the active state skips the second to last link (My Projects) in the navigation.

I’m not sure what’s causing this. I’ve tried adding padding to make the sections bigger, but that didn’t work either. Could it have something to do with the nav link that has the active class being hidden?

I’m still new to Bootstrap, so any help or feedback is welcome.


Are you still having trouble with this?

It looks fine on my machine (even though there is only a small window) between when the second-to-last link and the bottom of the page. That seems to be purely about the size of the sections though.

Thanks for taking a look! On my end it’s still occurring in full screen view.

I think you’re right about the section size. Adding another section before the footer or even just increasing the footer size would probably do the trick.