Portfolio project- I need strict reviews

I just completed my portfolio project and I tried to put all what I learnt during the last 2 months

Please I need strict evaluation because I want to become a professional web developer.

Also I didn’t find a way to css VARIABLES as content (you’ll this issue in SKILLS section)?

Thanks in advance

Please pay attention to the typography and the alignment as well as colorscheme

Thanks for the feedback
Can you tell me in details Please also Is there any methodology to follow ?

Align all the items in the similar way all the element from the nav bar text to the tax in the middle and the footer text should have the same margin … And use font family consistently, Don’t mix too much … Use color Palette generation tools online to make your pallet and use it in the project

Thank you so much I’ll work ont it

Since your portfolio page is part of the Responsive Web Design Projects, you should meet all of the requirements of that project. Right now, your page only passes 3 of 16 tests.

When building this project, you should closely follow the User Stories that are outlined in the project, and base your design and code on them. It’s good to have a unique and eye-catching design to demonstrate your creativity, but the User Stories are important. They are there to see if you have learned the core concepts of the code challenges.

Overall, the clarity and uniformity of your page’s layout and content is more important than animations.
Good design is just as difficult as good code, but I recommend looking at some examples of well-designed portfolios to give you inspiration.

Finally, the reason your <div id="skill-n-progress"> elements display var(--skill-n-progress) instead of a number is because you have passed a string in as the value for content:

  content: "var(--skill4-progress)"; 

What you could do is create another CSS variable, like for example:

--skill4-progress-string: "95%";

Then reference this variable within the content property.

Thank you so for the detailed feedback.
At my end it shows that it passes all the requirements

Is there something wrong at my end because I thought that I followed all the stories.

Thanks again

No, sorry. I ran the wrong test. You’re correct.

Thanks for the update