Portfolio Project - Internal Link Question - offset the destination

i am working on Portfolio. I am using internal links for site nav. my navbar is thick so when i link to each section the top of that section is being cut off my the fixed position navbar. i’m not using any JS just old fashioned #id tags. is there a way to offset where to link snaps to in order to make up for the navbar?

any feedback would be appreciated. thanks

It will be easier to help if you post a link to the pen.


In your classes for the navbar, I think fixed-top should be navbar-fixed-top. Once you do that, I think you want to change the margin-top in the body css to padding-top: 40x;

thanks for the help. that ended up lining the links up correctly but made it so the navbar didnt show up once i scrolled down the page or clicked a link. i ended up google searching and found something that worked.

instead of putting the ids for the links in the header elements for each section i inserted a span inside the headers and gave that the id tag for the link. then set the positions of the headers to relative and the position of the span to absolute with a top value of -270px in my case to make up for the width of the header. figured i share the solution i found.