Portfolio project - need a second pair of eyes after coder's fatigue...!

Hi guys, I’ve just finished my most ambitious project yet for my portfolio page.

I have spent hours and hours on this, making tweaks here and there, and am really fatigued from looking at it anymore.

I’d appreciate a second pair of eyes regarding layout - especially how it renders on larger screen sizes (as I only have access to a laptop).


Any feedback would be appreciated!


  • Test is ok
  • everything works
  • mobile version is working

Well done!

Maybe you can add some left/right padding on the contact input fields.
You could change the cursor on hovering the submit-button.
Maybe the hover-shadow-effect on the project-boxes is a bit to slow, but that is a matter of taste.


Your skills section does not look aligned on the iPad version on developer tools. might wanna add media queries, in my opinion.


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Looks nice.

  1. I feel like the font-weight combined with the somewhat low contrast on the about text makes it a little harder to read than it maybe should be. If you want to keep the font-weight I’d bump up the font-size just a little.

  2. I would suggest giving each section the same amount of top and bottom spacing (read point number 2 in this article).

  3. The responsive design might need a little more love. For example, the Skill icons overflow the page (just using flex-wrap might fix it). Other parts of the page look a little squashed at some screen sizes before the media queries kick in. You might have to rework some of the breakpoints. I would stack the project cards sooner and make sure the content does not get to “misshaped” from the original desktop look. Using percentages for padding and margin does avoid having to manually change them but it has a tendency to make the layout a bit inconsistent at different screen sizes. You may have to adjust the section padding manually to better use the available space for the elements inside the sections.

  4. The submit button should have cursor: pointer on it and its content should be vertically centered. The same goes for the Github profile button its content should be vertically centered.

  5. This might just be me, but personally I find the text written in third-person to sound a bit strange.

Great job keep it up.

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Nice job. Although, some of the icons are not aligned correctly in mobile view.

I am working on the same project and have began to burnout. I think might need a break from it all.

Appreciate the thorough response. I’ll go through these one by one and update.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve made quite a few changes based on it.

Feel free to have a look (hard refresh to download the new HTML and CSS again) - would appreciate a look!

I like the changes, looks good.

  1. I would suggest you left-align the about text and maybe also give the paragraphs a max-width. You can keep the button center aligned.

  2. The padding on the sections needs to be lowered sooner, move the 425px breakpoint up (maybe to something like 680px).