Portfolio Project Opinions

Hi All,

I wanted to find out what type and complexity of projects people have created that have gotten good feedback from interviewers for junior level dev jobs?

I’m gradually working through small projects and have a few ideas for larger scale full stack ones, but wanted to see if those that have interviewed, and been successful, found particular projects they’ve shown off to be of particular interest?

Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

They’re more interested in the quality of the coding than the creativity of the idea of the project. They have “idea people” that will make the high-level decisions. They are hiring you as a coder.

I would say to just start building projects. Some will be small, some will be medium sized. A few will be large, full-stack. Don’t worry so much about “what” you are building. Just pick something and build it well. And then pick something else. Do good coding and if you can, mix in a new library/technology every project - use them as a vehicle for learning.

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Thanks for the reply Kevin.

Completely agree with you. It was more the complexity of the project I meant than the idea. However I guess even then a simple project can be coded extremely well or extremely bad.

Yeah, in terms of complexity, do what you can. It makes sense that early projects are going to be simple. It makes sense that they will gradually get more complex. Even if you get to a more complex level, you may do a simple side-project just because it is something you thought would be fun or to allow you to use some library or whatever.

Don’t worry about it too much. Just build stuff. As your skills grow, you’ll naturally start to do more complex things. Maybe you’ll even team up with some other coders and take things to the next level.

I used to keep a little notebook and I had a few pages where I would write down project ideas when they came to me. Some of them I wasn’t ready to do, but the ideas were there when I was ready.

Don’t worry about trying to find some magic formula of projects - there isn’t one. Just build stuff. Try to learn some new libraries along the way. Work towards having at least a few full stack projects.