Portfolio Project Review - Would this suffice for a job interview?

I have just completed my portfolio challenge:


It’s not fully web responsive yet as you may notice but will refine it soon especially with the Bootstrap and CSS part.

I also need an help on how could I put title texts on the portfolio cover image upon hover? I’m planning to show this in my interview and I feel like they’ll ask why didn’t I put titles.

Thanks in advance!


I think this looks really good, @josephricafort.

I would suggest that you change “stuffs” to “stuff”. More info can be found here:

For adding text over your images, have you looked into Bootstrap’s tooltips?

@JaceyBennett Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t checked tooltips but would definitely check it.

I am actually concerned that I am still lacking portfolio items where sites where built more from scratch and clients might be looking for these type of items?