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I was working on my mock-up portfolio and I am having trouble with User stories 11 and 12. When I did it on Visual Studio code, It passes all the tests. However, when on Codepen, I got 11 out of 12 passed when in editor mode. Also, When I go to full view, It says 10 out of 12 passed. Even though I have used the vh measurement for the height on the welcome-section and the navbar, It still says I have not passed user story 12 and both 11 and 12 when in full view. Would appreciate tips on how to fix it.Mock-up portfolio in editor view.Mock-up portfolio in full view

I took at look at it, and I noticed in your CSS side in the codepen you have style tags in there. You can get rid of those because codepen knows that it is already styles in the CSS section. Once I got rid of the style tags in that section it passed 12/12

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Thanks for this information!

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