Portfolio project

Hey all,

Feedback on my portfolio project would be greatly appreciated:

It’s a great web page =). Congratulations. However the hamburger menu is not working on my computer. I’ve tried with Chrome and Firefox :frowning:

I really love the graphics, and layout the buttons do not work especially your LinkedIn and e-mail buttons at the bottom of the page. Even if you don’t want to be contacted immediately. Great work! This may help with the hamburger button https://jonsuh.com/hamburgers/

Thanks for the feedback, with regards to the Hamburger it seems to be a codepen issue currently working on my local version.

Appreciate the feedback, wasn’t sure on the social icons or how to really display these. At this moment in time not looking to be contacted so didn’t want to share these.

I would create a web form but getting it to submit I am unsure of.