Portfolio remaster looking okay so far?

I’m starting to remaster projects that I feel no longer represent my current skill level. And am going to start improving how my GitHub profile looks as well. For example , I am starting to remake my portfolio in React Typescript rather vanilla html and css. I want to make sure I am on the right track before I get this live for further inspection. I’m also going to try to add as many of the original FreeCodeCamp tests to my page as possible as well. I’m going to put my name on it and add thumbnails to the projects as well. If everything goes well; maybe I can make it a professional site.

Welcome Page


About me

It’s really hard to give much feedback on this just by looking at a few pics. Are you just asking about the color scheme? I would verify that the link color you are using in the nav bar at the top of the page has enough contrast with the purple.

WebAIM: Contrast Checker

I’m asking about color scheme and general layout for right now. And thanks. I hope to reuse this thread once I get it deployed.

Thank you and bookmarking. I’ve switched the background to #ca85df and the text color to #100040.

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