Portfolio Review and Feedback

Hello! I have been working on creating a portfolio to help me land a front-end developer job while continuing to learn full-stack development. I wanted to get some feedback on my portfolio so far and maybe some information on projects that I can add to improve my appeal as an applicant. Thank you for your consideration.

Link: Markel Bradford - Developer Portfolio


Love the clean UI, please keep it that way! I suggest to frame the text containers with a border. This will give your UI a more structured look.

You will need better, more complex projects. With just HTML/CSS and a little bit of JavaScript you are competing with 100.000s of people worldwide.

Since you want to become fullstack: Learn Python. It’s a comfortable language to get into and you can add sophisticated projects around data science and working with AI.

These projects often need a JS/ React front end , Python is limited in this regard, so they will help you with looking for a front end job too.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate the compliment on my UI. I will definitely try the border method for my text containers.

What would be considered a complex project? I am currently working on a to-do list app with sign-in and sign-up pages, and calendar, planner, and list components. I plan on using firebase since I use gh pages that has limited backend support.

Also, thank you for some direction to improve candidacy. I will be working on learning python in school and on my own soon.


To give you an idea what you can do with the Python/ React combo: I’m currently building an app that let’s users create a custom avatar with Mandelbrot fractals. Python for the calculation and images with numpy/matplotlib, React for the UI/ editor.

Or use PyTorch and train a simple AI that creates cool graphics on an HTLM canvas. There’s so much to experiment with. These projects are small enough for a single dev, but complex enough to show some serious skills.

Learning Python opens a whole new world for you as a developer and it is easy to start with, I know from experience.

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