Portfolio Review/critic - Am I Ready? Please Provide Feedback

Hi guys, I’ve been self teaching myself about web dev and programming for the past year and I’ve just completed my portfolio with two projects & resume and I just needed some feedback and guidance on how I can get better and if I should start applying now. My main focus is front end with Html, css, javascript and React but I’ve also learned nodejs and mysql and made two full stack projects. One is a property listing site www.smartlister.website and another is a virtual hospital that connects patients and doctors through video chat www.Ehealth.work . My portfolio site is located at www.isralhadero.com , and resume is located in Resume please give me your honest opinion, no matter how brutal it maybe I’m just looking to get better.

Demo login for the property listing site -

email => KarenS@yahoo.com password => 195419

Demo login for Ehealth -

provider - email => JoeA@yahoo.com password => 195419

customer - email => Isralh92@gmail.com password => 195419

and then you can start the video chat between provider and customer (patient).


I personally have no idea if you’re ready or not, but they look nice to me and I’ve certainly seen a lot worse that people have paid for. I like your personal site’s style with the blinking cursor and <code> style. Good luck Isralh!