Portfolio Review Help

Hi everyone, I decided to go back over my portfolio project today to mess around with it and try to upgrade it a little, and I noticed that all my images now have little blue boxes with question marks replacing them. I tried to add a link again but no luck. I also realized that I never did get the social media links working. Any help at all on either or both of these issues would be very much appreciated!
Here is the Pen - https://codepen.io/MarcelPenn/pen/XRxLXd


Imgur doesn’t work with codepen. Related thread:

Don’t forget to add target="_blank" to <a> tags in codepen. so they always open in a new tab.

For hosting images, I signed up for a free account at cloudinary.com.

Right, forgot all about that. Thanks!

Cool, I’ll give that a try. was using imgur but that probably isn’t the best option. Thanks!

I’m working on this assignment as well. Let me know if you get the scroll-able buttons working. That’s the issue I’m stuck on right now. I feel like I never learned that in previous segments of FCC.

I’m not sure how often you are coding but feel free to hit me up and maybe we can help each other out.

I used scrollspy to achive this.

Thanks, I’ll read in to that and probably implement that today.

Will do! Also going to check out scrollspy. Thanks @mattsouthward