Portfolio review needed

Hello guys. I made some changes to my portfolio.
It looks better now.
please check it out.

Heya Stella, you are off to a great start here! I like your code comment <!--uhhhhhhhh--> lol sounds exaclty like something I would write as a comment too :laughing:

Something I notice is that you are using bootstrap, but not using the part that will make that portfolio section look way better, and make yoru whole site responsive so that it will also look good on mobile. Heres a link to check out how its done https://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid

Hope that helps…!

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Hey I checked the link out. it was great.
Made some changes. My whole site is responsive now.
you can check it out.

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Fantastic!!! You really got the hang of the grids…it looks great! :smiley:

thanks for your time.:grinning:

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Can you please review my random quote machine?
thanks in advance.