Portfolio review please good enough for job?


Not quite yet. You are using too many different font types and those titles are very difficult to read (especially the ones down in the projects section). I also noticed the background image took a while to load and in general your images are way too large in file size (not dimensions). For example, the Free Installs image is displayed very small, but the file itself is 2.3 MB in size. You need to shrink these images down closer to the actual size you plan to display them on your site to make your page load faster.

That car animation seems to serve no other purpose but to annoy the user after the first 5 seconds of seeing it. I do not see how an animate car is related to your over design. It looks like an afterthought and should be removed. If you want to keep it, maybe have the animation start and the far left and move off to the right side, but do not let it repeat after it plays once.

also, you should make sure to keep the aspect ratio of your project images the same and make sure the images all start at the size. I notice you have some text overflowing a container and things are not lining up correctly when I shrink the page width a bit. Make sure that you test your page in all widths and heights, different browsers, mobile devices, etc… If you showed this to a prospective employer, they would have dismissed you very fast, because of the lack of responsiveness in the site.

Also, move all your projects to your github site and put all your code for each project in a github repository which can be linked from each project card.

I would also suggest looking a bit more into UX and design. At least for front-end work. It’s a really tough subject and I’m by no means a great designer myself. It’s something i really want to improve at, but there are only so many hours in a day.

One point i would make about your CSS. You have some extremely long selectors with high specificity, targeting elements. IMO it can be improved by giving classes to your elements.

Div#section3 div > div > ul.cards li > a > img

This is not a great selector and i don’t think you will find many professional developers writing CSS like this. I would look into oocss, smacss and bem. Even if you don’t like those methodologies, you should know and learn about them.