Portfolio review please

I would love if someone review my portfolio and help me to improve it?


Thank you.

Hi Mario,
congratulations on finishing that project.

Improvement suggestion:

  • Make the “home” button animation faster, maybe also not so high…
  • Lighten and soften the drop shadows. They look a bit old-school …


  • The smaller the device, the less skills you have :wink: Maybe stack them …

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Hi Michael

I haven’t noticed that on the smallest screen my skills dropped down :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions!

Hello Mario,

your portfolio looks great, good job! Few things I noticed:

  • As Michael mentioned, make shadows lighter, I love shadows myself, but less is more sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:
  • The navbar smooth scrolling takes its time I would make it slighlty faster.
  • Is the search working? Wouldn’t find anything for me… :thinking:
  • The icons on hamburger menu look swapped to me

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Lubo

The search bar isn’t working yet because my portfolio is stil work in progress.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Here are my impressions:

  • The HOME button causes the menu bar to flicker when it transitions from the middle of the page to top of the page.
  • When I click the HOME button, I get moved to the top of the menu bar but I am no longer seeing the social media area. When I click the other menu items, I end up at weird positions on the site and barely if at all see the heading of the item I clicked on.
  • When hovering on the HOME button and it changes the button style, it is too slow for anyone to appreciate it.
  • The “Front End Developer” marquee is too fast when it disappears. Slow it down a bit or give it a style.
  • If you plan to keep the orange style around the HOME button, I would suggest making the orange follow the user across the menu bar when they scroll down so that it goes to wherever they are currently viewing. It is better than having it permanently on the HOME button.
  • The scrolling is super slow. We are in a day of age where people will close the site right away if it is 2 seconds too slow than yesterday.
  • If this is a portfolio style website, I wouldn’t put a search function. What would people be searching for?
  • Like @michaelsndr said, the skills should be stacked on smaller screens or they disappear but also the portfolios should be centered if there is only 2 to showcase. On some resolutions, it looks awkward when the portfolios are changing their dimensions.
  • Your Tokyo Property project is stunning. It will be great inspiration for me for later projects.
  • I REALLY REALLY like the layout especially the colors. A++
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Thank you so much for the review

I agree with all your points, I definitely have to change something in JS
Scrolling between the sections is very slow,I didn’t notice
The menu bar icon is swapped as [lubozubko] wrote above.
The stacking skills issue is due to the jquery plug in limitation that I used
About the search bar I totally agree when I have some time I will add the proper search function

Now I am up to another project after done it I wll review my portfolio and make it the changes

Please feel free to use my projects if you like them and I’d love to see some of yours too

Have a great day

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In order to have a fully working search bar I think I need some PHP knowledge that unfortunately I don’t have.
I don’t know anything about back end developing because I am focusing on learning the front end developing only at the moment.

Any suggestions?

Hey Mario,

Your portfolio looks great! Just one suggestion, I would consider changing some of the fonts, some of them don’t look right in my opinion. Otherwise great job.

Overall it looks good, really good. Congrats.
The scrolling speed is too slow. I would go straight to the point.
On the Sweet Corner Shop, the buttons are not selecting the right goodies (cakes doughnuts etc)
The icons on the portfolio pics (magnifying glass, link and </>) might be confusing to some users. I would take you to the site if you click the picture.
Have your code in github and add the link somewhere at the bottom.
Maybe include a skills/technolgies summary slide on the slideshow. Is probably the first thing you see/do and it would be nice to see your “stuff”.
Again very nice!

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So far I have applied the follow improvements thanks to your suggestions guys.
I have improved the scroll speed and the front end developer marquee now is slower and doesn’t disappear anymore.
I have adjusted the button shadow too
I have also changed the font and remove the top navbar and it looks smoother and better.
The burger icon does look fine to me.

Yes you are right about the goodies’s buttons,I 'll fix it,thanks.
I agree with you about removing the magnifying glass icon and link the image straight to the site.

I linked my codes to a new page because I think it would be easier for who doesn’t have or want to access to github reading my code and by the way I was planning to add all my site codes accessible on github in my footer icon soon.

I used a modal pop up

Thank you for the good tips!
I really appreciate it