Portfolio Review Request

Hello Fellow Coders! Long story short, I’ve been coding for a while but about five months ago really ramped up my learning and as fate would have it I was told on Friday I’m losing my job within the next few weeks. I put together a portfolio site, but I’m not sure if it is good enough to drive any interest in me as a developer. I would try it out with a few employers, but I’m afraid to leave a sour taste in the mouths of the hiring managers because I live in a pretty small community with few Web Developer job opportunities! I’d really appreciate any advice you might have. Thank you!



Hi Matt!
Sorry about your currently job situation.
Don´t worry about your location. There are lots of dev jobs that don´t need to be in company, so freelancing and remote jobs are totally accepted.

You have a very nice port. I think it covers your skills very well and shows different approaches to different kind of projects. Besides, I think it´s a plus that you give access to your resume in the same site.

Good luck!

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I appreciate the feedback!

Hi @matt-hunter,

Great job! It looks really nice!

You can use a few tricks to make it even better:

  1. Remove Project Cards shadows and make change background to #f9f9f9.
  2. Increase the line-height of your paragraphs to 1.6.
p {
line-height: 1.6;
  1. Add a top-bottom margin to your list elements:
li {
    margin: 0.75rem 0;
  1. Increase the margin of the main.resume .resume-body section h2 to 2.5rem
main.resume .resume-body section h2 {
    margin: 2.5rem 0;
  1. Add margin: 1.5rem 0; and padding: 0.5rem; to your experience titles.

As you can see, you can play with spacing to make your content look more appealing. It also helps to make accents in the right places on your website.


Incredible feedback @sherbakov1 and thank you for the detailed advice! I was questioning that shadow myself so that confirms it needs to go. I’ll try out those other changes too.

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You are welcome! You can check this part of the video to get a good grasp of sizes representation and why it is important: https://youtu.be/mHb2-3dsuic?t=345 (yes, starting at 5:45)

I like your portfolio bruh,

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