Portfolio review topic

Hey guys! so I just did my portfolio page (mostly function instead of looking good) so I guess I will put
it up for review! btw any advice would be great since I think my styling is pretty lack luster. Also most of what
I did/learned that the class didn’t teach was from forums so some ways of doing things may be
out of date.

not a big fan of design especially

  • circle border,
  • lack of contrast (eg i think lighter body bg color (say #fcfcfc or # fefefe) looks better),
  • lack of space(contacts).

Try resizing browser to see how your project reacts to this

nice music :wink:

thanks for the advice!

I agree with @Annestezia. The rounded borders look bad. They are inconsistent and don’t add anything to the style. In fact they are distracting.

The tunes sound great! :star_struck:

@JohnnyBizzel thanks for the advice! Ya my styling is pretty bad so I will try to work on it.

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I had a go at trying to fix it but might be a case for flexbox.

thanks man! I made some revisions also.

From a design aspect, your text could use a little padding on top and bottom on the ‘about me’ section… And some padding on top for your <h1> so it is not as close to the navbar… That’s just my opinion.

Yes I agree! (thanks for the advice) how do you do that exactly? Other than blank h1 elemeants can u just use a margin (as u well know I’m pretty new to coding)

If you check out mdn - padding. This will explain it for various ways. In fact, this site should be one of your quick go to places for any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript stuff… Or just Google ‘css padding’ to find other explanations.

Thanks! (I totally forgot about using padding!)